What is E-Applicant?

E-Applicant is an online employment application. It is an improved way to select your company’s future employees. Instead of searching through resume after resume, this new software will do the searching for you. The program itself is scalable, customizable, features a searchable database and best of all, is simple to use. The benefits of switching to E-Applicant speak for themselves.

  • Simple and easy-to-use, this application is designed to gather information from the applicant and save it to a database through the use of web forms.
  • Reports are available to the administrators. This can be useful for statistic generation for the company or seeing what demographic is responding to posted job advertisements.
  • While the look of this program is simple, it is done by design. It is easily plugged into an existing website for seamless integration. However, if a different aesthetic is preferred, this is allowed. This can be done either by Peach Software or by the purchasing company.
  • As the design is customizable, so is the program itself. It is able to be scaled according to the size of the applicant pool. Whether there are one hundred or one thousand applicants, the program will handle the number effortlessly.
  • For ease-of-flow, companies can choose to have pages appear in a differing order than default. The order of each page can be changed or a page can simply be removed if not needed. Every company has different requirements and this application is designed to fit any need.